Excellent Service!

Client: Hey Adam just wanted to check and see what you’ve come up with over the last few days.
I also want to compliment your “angry if not over the top customer” customer service! You took a ticking time bomb and stuck with me till we had some kind of plan to start with. For that I am grateful.

Adam: No problem Steve. I don’t have any info on me right now. I’m at home right now but, I will look into it tonight and will give you a response tomorrow afternoon. I’ve put up with some mean individuals in my field. You were nice the whole way through in my eyes. I’m just glad we could compromise on something. I hope you have a good weekend and get some calls.

Client: No worries Adam. I’ll text updates again tomorrow. Thanks my friend! I truly appreciate someone who has my back! You enjoy the weekend and I’ll touch base with you Tuesday.

Adam: Anytime Steve…anytime.

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